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The Reality of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Learning

Sydney 10 May 2017 (9:00am - 4:30pm)

This event is a pre-AITD2017 Conference workshop taking place in Sydney on 10 May 2017. Register for this workshop with your AITD2017 Conference registration and save. Not attending the conference? Limited tickets will be available for this workshop from 1 April 2017.

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Neil Von Heupt

Neil Von Heupt

Programs Manager

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2017-05-10 - ARVR for Learning


In this full day workshop participants will be able to experience some examples of this rich learning first hand. They will also be presented with a design challenge, on how they can implement AR/VR in their role or industry. Participants will also engage with some of the tools available to create AR/VR experiences, to create a simple AR/VR experience.

  • Workstar (April - June 2017)
  • Disc Advanced (June15-May17)
  • Guild (to May 2017)
  • Writers Wanted