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Learning Transfer News: Insights for Impact

Melbourne 16 August 2017 (6:00-7:45pm)

Free Event

Registration from 5:30pm


2017-08-16 - Melbourne (local)


Does your head spin as you try to navigate transfer, reinforcement, embedding, sustaining and retention of learning? With so many different terms floating around in the L&D industry it can be difficult to get clear on how to meet the challenge of transferring learning back to the workplace after a learning initiative. With fresh research from 270 global contributors, learning transfer expert Emma Weber will help you navigate the minefield of what works and why in successful learning transfer. Emma will help you consider the reality of what you can do from a strategic and practical perspective to create greater impact from your learning initiatives.

Join the session for more on:
- What makes a good learning transfer strategy
- How to get your 70:20:10 flowing with learning transfer
- When not to invest in learning transfer
- What you can do to easily and immediately improve your learning transfer results

There will be time for discussion at the end of the session so please bring any questions with you. Make sure you've got access to your calendar and be ready to turn your learning into action!

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