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A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved

Adelaide 15 February 2018 (5-7pm)

This is a fun, interactive learning event. An open discussion about the problems you are facing in 2018, with lots of discussion and knowledge sharing. In preparation for the event, please take some time to note down what's keeping you awake at night.

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Neil Von Heupt

Neil Von Heupt

Programs Manager

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2018-02-15 - Adelaide (local)


Kick start your learning year with this fun AITD event on the Weber Balcony over looking picturesque Adelaide!
Join us for drinks and a pizza making challenge, while chatting about the problems or challenges you are faced with in 2018. We'll work through these together, sharing our knowledge and experience to come up with creative solutions to help kick start your year.

For this event only - the door prize includes two free tickets to AITD SA events for the remainder of 2018. Only members are eligible for the door prize.

  • Disc Advanced (June2015-2018)
  • Guild (to April 2018)
  • Writers Wanted