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How to Build a Personal Learning Network

Online 13 March 2018 (12:30pm - 1:15pm (ADST) Lunchtime Webinar)

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Neil Von Heupt

Neil Von Heupt

Programs Manager

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2018-03-13 - webinar


Ever wondered how you could continually develop yourself professionally and personally?
Building a personal learning network (PLN) is a critical skill that workers need to undertake so that they could manage the information overwhelm, have access to a steady stream of new and diverse ideas and orchestrate their own development through the use of technologies.
In this session, we will explore the value and benefits of Personal Learning Networks for learning in the digital age and provide you with tips and strategies to start building yours today.

Topics covered include:

• What is a Personal Learning Network?
• Shifting Knowledge & Need for New Skills of Connective Learning in a Digital Age
• From Consumer to Contributor: Mindset and Behaviours of Networked Learning
• Strategies & Techniques to Build Your PLN

AITD webinars are an interactive, engaging learning experience. You can prepare for this webinar with four things:
1. Watch this video on "What is a Personal Learning Network?" 
2. Prepare a question to ask the presenter
3. Have a link to your best resource on this topic ready to share in the chatroom
4. Have your LinkedIn URL ready to connect with other participants

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