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The 7 Sins of Stand and Deliver

Online 18 September 2018 (12:30pm - 1:15pm AEST (Sydney) Lunchtime Webinar)

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Jackie Hart

Jackie Hart

Programs Manager

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2018-09-18 - webinar


According to Paula Smith CSP and an expert in Presentation Intelligence almost anyone can become a powerful presenter. It’s all about having a clear message for the audience delivered in an engaging manner. Unfortunately, many trainers and presenters get it so wrong by committing many presenting sins. The sometimes costly mistakes that make us completely miss that target.
Powerful presenting is all about understanding the art and science of communication, influence and engagement.
Join Paula as she chats about those presenting mistakes and bad habits that we’ve all made at some stage in our careers so next time you are asked to present you can deliver with confidence and charisma.

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