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The HR Catalyst: The New Practice of Leading HR & Development

Online April 9 2019 (12.00)

AITD Lunchtime 2019 Webinar Series

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Mick Crouch

Mick Crouch

Programs Manager

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2019-04-09 - Webinar - Callum McKirdy


In a world of work driven by the need to keep pace with technological change and advancements requiring work forces to operate at higher levels of curiosity, creativity & collaboration, it is now HOW Learning & Capability Development is practiced that positions the profession for greater organisational success – far more than the technical WHAT it is we do each day.


The HR Catalyst possesses 5 distinct characteristics that spark change in others and position the practitioner for greater internal influence – this webinar outlines these with tips to adopt in your L&D practice to have greater individual and organisational influence.
Key Takeaways
A practical approach to developing your own L&D practice
Research and insights into what might be getting in your way of greater impact and influence in your role
Answers to “where to next?’


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