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Using Coaching Methodology in Facilitated Learning

Online 18 July 2019 (12:00pm - 1:00pm AEST)

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Lucinda Carney

Lucinda Carney

Programs Coordinator

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2019-07-18 - Webinar - Lisa Harrison


Join Lisa Harrison at this interactive online session looking at the use of coaching methodology in facilitating active learning in a group workshop context.

The principles of coaching are useful for creating learning, including building a psychologically safe environment and empowering participants towards ownership of their learning – both the journey and the outcomes.

Yet some key differences can make that challenging: the agenda/outcomes for a facilitator are usually more directional than a coaching session, and the power dynamic differs. So application into the group learning context requires balance.

How do we balance the need for active learning as a fundamental for engagement and retention with the need to manage and direct the discussions so that the key learning points are covered? 

This webinar is designed for facilitators who wish to develop their practice and for trainers moving into facilitation. It will assume some familiarity with the fundamental principles of coaching and active learning.

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