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AITD Conference Wrap Up

Canberra 18 July 2019 (5:30pm - 7:00pm; Registration from 5:00pm)

Canapes included

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Lucinda Carney

Lucinda Carney

Programs Coordinator

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2019-07-18 - Canberra (local)


Join us in Canberra to tap into the key insights and learnings gained by those who attended the Australian Workplace Learning Conference in Sydney.

Are you interested in the latest from the AITD conference? Could you benefit from ACT and surrounds learning professionals connections? If you answered YES to either of these questions then come along to the AITD Conference Wrap Up and networking drinks. 

Part of AITD’s purpose is to facilitate networking and information exchange - we want to be the connection point for our community. Networking is a great way to learn and share your experiences with others, while others to learn from you. 

Come meet someone new as we celebrate the end of financial year, and discuss what sparked our interest at the AITD Conference. 

We know if can be difficult to make it out in the cold Canberra winter, but we have a warm and welcoming venue, friendly faces, and finger food to make it worth your while.


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