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Beyond Training - The Art of Nudging

Melbourne 6 August 2019 (6:15pm - 7:30pm; Registration from 5:30pm)

Light refreshments will be provided before the event.

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Tiffany Wheatley

Tiffany Wheatley

Administration Coordinator

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2019-08-06 - Local (Melbourne)


Join us for our next local event in Melbourne where we'll be joined by Arun Pradhan who'll be discussing the art of nudging. AITD members can register for FREE.

We all know that lasting behavioural change is hard at the best of times and is rarely the result of a single training intervention.

In this session, Arun will provide an overview of the latest thinking from other domains, including behavioural economics, cognitive psychology, habit formation and marketing to provide practical takeaways for broadening our L&D/ HR toolkits.

Who should attend?
Anyone who is looking to change the way people do things and improve performance. This session will be beneficial for L&D professionals, HR professionals, training managers, eLearning designers, instructional designers and others in L&D and related fields.

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