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Integration of Art and Learning

Online 14 November 2019 (12:00pm - 1:00pm AEDT)

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Lucinda Carney

Lucinda Carney

Programs Coordinator

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2019-11-14 - webinar - Dr Russya Connor


The arts can serve as a complementary vehicle to more traditional learning approaches. Art-based learning processes can be used to enhance training, coaching, and facilitation.


Using artistic processes such as drawing, sculpting, puppets, improvisation or storytelling, creates immersive learning experiences, which help people gain new insights and perspectives. They also can be used strategically to create safety, build trust, find shared values, and shift perceptions. In this webinar I will introduce you to a variety of icebreakers, brain-juicers and physical art activities for training sessions. These can provide an antidote to information overload, by creating a sense of playfulness and also act as catalysts for deep conversations.

Key Takeaways

Provide stimulating and effective training exercises.
Create an aesthetic experience helps make tacit knowledge visible.
Create immersive learning experiences using artistic processes.



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