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Gamification Crash Course

Online December 11 2019 (12.00)

AITD Lunchtime 2019 Webinar Series

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Mick Crouch

Mick Crouch

Programs Manager

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2019-12-11 - webinar - Marc Ratcliff


Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people.


This session will provide participants with a “crash-course” in the basics of gamification and will share the 7 steps for creating a dynamic gamification solution to suit any content. Best of all, participants will have the opportunity to put these steps into practice during the session and will walk away with a draft plan to support their own training.

Key Takeaways

Define gamification.
Identify the 7 steps to creating a dynamic gamification solution.
Determine the benefits of gamification.



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