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Reconnecting VET and Learning and Development

Sydney TBA (TBA)

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This session is part of the AITD2016 Conference



This presentation looks at the reasons behind the choices that are made by learning and development professionals working in organisations, their drivers and considerations and how that effects the usage of the Australian Vocational education system.

It will also consider the drivers from the VET sector, both at strategic and coal face levels that tend to perpetuate and reinforce the decisions made by organisations. The disconnection between these two sides of the equation will be evaluated and model developed which can assist both organisations and training providers to be better able to communicate and meet learning needs, both at an organisational and individual level.

Session highlights:

  1. Model for better connection between VET and L&D
  2. What L&D should ask for and expect from VET/RTOs
  3. How RTOs can work with and assist L&D Departments

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