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Innovation Cultivation: The National Innovation Agenda and its impact for learning and development professionals

Sydney TBA (TBA)

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The national Science and Innovation Agenda, released in December 2015, sets out the plan for Australian companies and research bodies to embrace innovation and to build sustainable businesses.

In an era of significant change to consumer and enterprise behaviour, particularly in terms of technology use, the Agenda is significant in its support of training and development programs and projects around innovation. But there is still widespread distrust of innovation programs in businesses of all sizes, due to risk and cost intolerance, as well as disunity over what qualifies as 'innovation'.

Learning and development professionals need to understand the scope of innovation opportunities in business contexts, and to be able to communicate these effectively in corporate environments. Further, they need to understand how to tap in to the opportunities that the Agenda provides for making businesses innovation-ready.  This session will untangle the innovation jungle, preparing learning and development professionals for innovation cultivation.  

Session highlights:

  1. Definition of what constitutes innovation and how it can help sustain business
  2. Scope of the Science and Innovation Agenda as it pertains to learning professionals
  3. Details on how to develop programs that capitalise on the Innovation Agenda
  4. Inspiration for innovation education in your business

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