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Developing a Social Learning Strategy

Sydney TBA (TBA)

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This is a session during AITD2016 conference



We are not just learning professionals but educators. It is therefore essential that we consider the whole person, their experiences, biases, life pressures and how they learn socially outside of the walls of the office.

As the boundaries between work and life blur, do we have an obligation to develop the whole person? Rather than just work behaviours, let's continue to provide capabilities across someone’s life. Having a high performing whole person is only going to benefit the organisation.

But how do you gain management buy in for your social learning strategy? And how do you educate your people to get effective involvement in social learning initiatives?

This session will explore how L&D professionals can develop the whole person through a social learning strategy. You will learn persuasion techniques for gaining management support as well as the importance of integration with other learning programs, key strategic business programs and staff initiatives to encourage involvement and commitment of your people.

Session Highlights:

  1. Considering the whole person as an underpinning of your learning programs
  2. How to gain management buy-in
  3. Getting effective involvement in social learning initiatives.

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