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Creating a Strategic L&D Agenda

Sydney 4 May 2016 (9:00am - 4:30pm)

Registration Closed

This is a pre-conference workshop associated with the AITD2016 Conference. In the first instance, registration is limited to conference attendees only.



L&D trendcatcher Ger Driesen presents a unique workshop as part of the AITD Conference. This is a rare opportunity to spend a day with a renowned expert in the profession.

The ambition to add maximum value to the strategic agenda of the organisation as a Learning and Development professional or department is a healthy one. It’s also often easier said than done. The mantra of ‘getting a seat at the C-suite table’ as the only way to go, might lead to more frustration than results. 

It is good to know there are other ways, other approaches to get you in charge with a step by step process. The first step is to demystify all things ‘strategy’ so you will be able to collect and connect the dots of the strategic agenda of your organisation in a practical way. It will also help you to build meaningful partnerships with stakeholders to create and implement an agreed on strategic L&D agenda. By doing so, it will enrich your job and improve your workplace.

Session Highlights:
During this workshop we will cover:

  1. Different forms and appearances of strategy
  2. Collecting and connecting the dots of a strategic agenda of your organisation
  3. Matching of the strategic agenda with target groups of personnel
  4. Creating a strategic L&D agenda
  5. Applying performance orientation, partnership and the right timing to create a ‘healthy ecosystem’ around the strategic L&D agenda
  6. Tools and frameworks that help you focus on a performance improvement orientation
  7. Moving from a strategic L&D agenda to a master plan for implementation
  8. Creating systems and measures to gain insight in effectiveness and added value of the implemented strategic L&D agenda

Learning Outcomes:

Attending this workshop will assist you to:

  1. Recognise the different ‘faces’ of strategy
  2. Develop an understanding of the strategic agenda of your organisation
  3. Translate this to a strategic learning agenda
  4. Create partnerships to implement the strategic learning agenda effectively
  5. Create a more rewarding job and get appreciated for your added value

Who should attend:

  1. Chief Learning Officers
  2. L&D Managers
  3. HR Managers
  4. Professionals involved in developing learning strategies for an organisation.

  • Guild (from May 2018)
  • Writers Wanted