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What Divides Also Unites – Bridging Cultures to Build Careers

Sydney TBA (TBA)

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This is part of the AIDT2016 program



Indigenous people from all over the world are struggling to build careers and organisations find it equally hard to recruit, engage and retain them.

Sean O’Toole is the 2015 Fulbright scholar in vocational education and training and he has devoted the past twelve months to investigating innovative solutions to this problem. Sean will provide valuable insights into Indigenous cultures and learning styles and practical examples of some of the world’s best practices in Indigenous education and career development.

This presentation will show how organisations need to move beyond traditional models of cultural awareness to expand employee understanding of diversity and inclusion.

Session Highlights

  1. Improved understanding of Indigenous cultures
  2. Strategies to increase organisational cultural intelligence
  3. Strategies to enable organisations to engage and retain Indigenous employees

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