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Crunching the numbers: Using workforce analytics data to support L&D initiatives

Sydney TBC (TBC)

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This is a session at AITD2016



The ability to understand and strategically use data to explain the contribution of L&D to a business is paramount for L&D Managers.

Workforce capability analytics measure the actual current capability of staff. For organisations to feel confident when identifying strengths and weaknesses in a workforce, analysis of valid, reliable data will provide an evidence base for deciding whether to undertake a targeted L&D initiative, recruit to meet skill gap, or pursue another intervention.

During this session real case studies will be showcased to explain the process of capturing current skill levels of an organisation, interpreting data, and developing a capability development plan that includes a series of agreed L&D initiatives to meet organisational objectives.

Session Highlights

  1. Learn how to measure actual current capability of your workforce by using self diagnostic assessments mapped to the AQF and benchmarked against other Australian groups
  2. Understand the importance of using evidence-based workforce capability analytics to identify strength and weaknesses of skills to target L&D initiatives based on organisational objectives and strategies
  3. Hear case studies on how workforce capability analytics have been implemented successfully by Australian clients in the public, private and education sectors.

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