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Keynote: Designing Learning and Performance Ecosystems

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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For L&D professionals, the days of simply delivering formal training, whether it be via workshops or elearning modules, is no longer enough. Instead, we are being challenged to acknowledge the crucial role of learning and performance ecosystems that also incorporate digital platforms, tools, processes, social networks, and collaborative teams.

In this session, Arun will outline the anatomy of such ecosystems before exploring the opportunities they represent. Drawing on case studies, he will identify common challenges and outline how human-centered design can provide L&D professionals with the mindset and tools to help burst the training bubble and embrace this brave new world of holistic learning. Session Highlights The anatomy of learning and performance ecosystems The opportunities such ecosystems present Common challenges and fail points How to use design thinking and other strategies to overcome these challenges

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