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Experience: Design Thinking for Learning Innovation

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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This is a session at AITD2017 Conference



This hands on workshop will provide a first hand experience of how design thinking, and taking a human centered approach to performance challenges, can help create innovative solutions. Rather than talking about it, participants will be supported to co-design a solution for their fellow L&D professionals.

In doing so, Arun Pradhan will guide participants through a step by step design thinking process he has implemented successfully with major Australian banks, insurance companies, and government organisations.

The process will include using card sorts to theme data, generating personas based on clear insights, establishing performance gap analysis with action mapping, and creating 'how might we' statements as the basis for ideation and innovation.

Session Highlights

  1. Experience a design thinking process spanning empathy, definition, ideation and prototyping
  2. Learn how to use a range of tools including personas, card sorts, impact grids, and journey maps
  3. Be part of co-designing a real solution for our fellow L&D professionals




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