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Case Study: The Power of Fun and Games

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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This is a session at AITD2017 Conference.



Thinking about using simulation or gamification in your learning program? Hear how the Winner of the 2016 AITD Excellence Award for Best Use of Gamification/Simulation for Learning, Elemental Projects and Sydney Water Corporation, approached a learning challenge using game mechanics to drive team building, learning and change.

The Battle is a four-hour, high-impact, interactive project simulation co-designed and delivered for over 180 Sydney Water Corporation employees as part of a change management program. Teams were tasked to build a war machine, use drones and compete in an epic battle, while following the project lifecycle, project methodology and game rules. During this presentation we will discuss the challenges of this project simulation, the application of gamification design techniques, delivery and measurable impact.

Session Highlights

  • How gamification can drive engagement, innovation and interaction
  • The importance of purposeful game design to support business needs
  • How to embed reflection and soft skill development to unlock greater individual, team, social and cultural benefits

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