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Keynote: The 21st Century Learning Professional

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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The convergence of cultural and technological drivers is changing the training landscape. The learning and development skills that have taken us this far are not enough to carry us into the future.

During these transformational times, learning professionals can meet the needs of 21st-century workforce in new and exciting ways. Simultaneously, learning officers and managers can support the L&D organization of the future with a strong vision.

In this keynote, Connie will examine the effects that new technologies, increased collaboration, bring your own device and social media are having on the learning and performance function. She will explore how learning professionals can expand their roles to embrace the new learning ecosystem.

Drawing on stories and examples from forward thinking practitioners, you will your role in a new light. You will leave this session with big ideas for empowering the 21st century learner so your organization (and your career) can stay ahead of the curve.

Session Highlights:

  1. How changes in culture and technology affect the learning and performance ecosystem.
  2. How current and future workforce members can benefit from new perspectives on learning.
  3. How learning professionals can lead the way to a smarter and more fluid learning culture.
  4. How organizations can support the new learning and performance ecosystem.


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