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Mobile Matters

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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We rarely talk about ‘mobile’ web anymore because mobile use overtook desktop back in 2014.

The reality is that learners expect training to work on mobile devices and if yours doesn’t, then they’re probably looking to other sources. But designing for the small screen is quite different. Simply taking traditional learning materials and resizing them for mobile is inadequate.

In this short session eLearning strategist David Swaddle will touch on what’s different about mobile from desktop, techniques for designing mobile learning and how to increase engagement using mobile. David’s tips and techniques will help to drive success for your next mobile learning program.

Session Highlights

  1. The differences in instructional design for mobile and desktop.
  2. Techniques for designing for mobile learning.
  3. How to increase engagement using mobile learning.



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