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Leap in to the future of learning - one design step at a time

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBC)

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Online learning is here to stay. Our research reveals that over 80% of compliance training already happens on-line and other forms of learning are gradually moving across to virtual and on-line platforms.

Designers, program leaders and facilitators need a different mindset and skill set to interact with the modern learner who wants training delivered to suit their needs.

The philosophy behind how you design learning assets is very different from the days of 'Powerpoint on steroids' and old-style 'clickety click' style formats. Join this session to gain insights in to how you can re-shape your design processes so that they are suitable for learning via Apps, virtual classroom delivery, on-boarding of new team members and updates for new products and systems.

Session Highlights

Learn more about what you can do on a practical level to:

  1. Adopt a design thinking outlook so that the learner is at the centre of all you do
  2. Create micro-bite learning assets that can be re-cycled based on choice of platform
  3. Develop content in a cheaper, faster and better way to roll out to your users


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