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Change your game (aka: the good the bad and the playful)

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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This is a session at AITD2017 Conference



Behavioural Science, Persuasive Technology, Gamification, Behavioural Change. Some of the key concepts in the new digital focus on health and education are coming straight out of the entertainment and gaming sectors.

Games are an area where failing is actually part of the fun, leading to some new ways of thinking about how this can be used across a range of areas, including mental health and lifestyle changes.

Jennifer will provide a few examples of how games and gamification are being used for these purposes, with a focus on one key app, My Quitbuddy, showing how the right balance of nudge, nag and failure can generate real success.

Session Highlights

  1. Games and gamification can increase adherence or participation in activities, often simply by making it more fun
  2. Personalisation, nudges, reinforcement, goal setting and playful design are all part of this
  3. Treat gamification with care! It isn’t a panacea or one-size-fits-all!


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