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Blend with Purpose: Selecting the Right Blended Learning Approach for Your Organisation’s Needs

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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Both research and practice tells us that blended learning results in a richer experience and greater impact than either online or face-to-face instruction alone. This is achieved through its ability to simultaneously leverage and minimise the inherent strengths and weaknesses of each modality.

But what is the optimal blend for your organisation’s specific business context, learning culture and capability requirements? How do you ensure you achieve ‘magic in the mix’?

Understanding the three most common blended learning purposes and approaches, including the drivers and considerations of each, is the way to begin answering these questions to ensure the right blend.

Session Highlights

  1. Understand the different drivers and considerations of three most common blended learning purposes and approaches: enabling blends, enhancing blends and transforming blends
  2. Explore case studies from large, well known Australian organisations that bring each of these different blends to life
  3. For each blend, identify practical ‘how-to’ ideas and lessons learnt for incorporating a mix of experiential, social and formal learning activities undertaken in a digital and / or face-to-face environment.


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