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Do you even know why you are running Digital Events?

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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It’s a common scenario, we hear a buzzword such as webinar and decide to launch into a series because, put simply, we know they work.

However, increased competition and an ever-growing need to satisfy our audiences with new and innovative ways of engaging, means that we can sometimes fall into the trap of focussing on the delivery component only. In this presentation Michael will discuss the importance of:

  1. The WHY: Understanding your Digital Event Goals and how they fit into the bigger picture
  2. The ROI: What is your measurement of success and what reporting do you need?
  3. The HOW: How to create a digital series, nurture your community and create online Call To Actions

This session is perfect for those looking launch a Digital Events Program or enhance their current webinar strategy.



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