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Visual Design for eLearning and Slides

Sydney 10 May 2017 (9.00am - 4.30pm)

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This special workshop is associated with the AITD2017 Conference and delegates can obtain preferential pricing on this workshop by booking with their conference registration or contacting AITD. This workshop can only be booked with a Conference registration at this time.



eLearning and training slides are visual mediums, yet most learning designers have not been trained in the principles of visual design.

Effective graphics are essential to learning success, yet many practitioners find visual design to be challenging and frustrating. Furthermore, many learning designers falsely believe that they can not improve their skills because they are not artists.

In this hands-on workshop, you will see that everyone can improve their visual design skills. Drawing is not a requirement. This full-day course explores the components of visual design (graphic space, images, and typography) and the foundation principles of graphic design.Using PowerPoint as your graphic editor, you will practice by applying design principles to eLearning templates and graphics.

You will also consider ways to optimize graphics to promote learning. You will leave this workshop able to design with intention, rather than making random or haphazard design choices.

Session Highlights

In this session, you will learn:
• How to make intentional design choices that make your visuals appealing and effective
• How to create graphics that meet your needs through layout, imagery, and typography
• The foundation principles of visual design that have the most impact
• How to transform bullet points into visuals
• How to explain the rationale behind your design choices

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