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Keynote: Collaboration and Communities: Busting the Myths; Building the Culture

Sydney 11-12 May 2017 (TBA)

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An integrated social learning strategy is rapidly becoming the differentiator between an organisation that continuously learns and thrives vis-à-vis one that fades into oblivion. Therefore, organisations – big and small – are leaning into the power of social and informal learning to stay relevant in a changing world.

But with all the best intentions in the world, many are stumbling and groping in the dark. Plagued by collaboration platforms that lie dormant after the initial hype is over, organisations are looking for better ways to integrate communities and social learning into their cultural fabric. What are the key obstacles and organisational patterns that get in the way of seamless collaboration? Let’s find out!

The session will address the critical issues followed by pointers on what does it take to build a continuously learning organisation. You will also learn about the paradigm shifts impacting the future of work, and the necessity of building a digital mindset and a culture of collaboration. Finally, the session will walk you through some of the key patterns and practices to embed learning and collaboration into the fabric of the organisational culture.


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