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Lurkers, Loafers and Leaners-in: how all kinds of adult learners can thrive in a social learning environment

Sydney 7-8 June 2018 (TBA)

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All adult learners learn differently, and bring different experiences to the learning journey. Our learning designs should never be one size fits all. At IECL, our internationally accredited coach training programs are hosted in a collaborative environment. IECL Academy hosts over 70 courses a year, across 10 cities, in five AsiaPac countries. We’ve achieved an effective blended social learning experience, without a Learning Management System. Our online learning design focuses on participation and communities and facilitates lifelong learning by taking a perspective that is not limited to a single course or event. Most importantly, our participants love the online learning space; they contribute to it, learn from it, hang out in it, use it to connect and share meaning as well as their understanding of new concepts. Ultimately they come back into a vibrant alumni community, joining many thousands of coaches across the region.

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