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AITD Corporate Membership for organisations with 5 or more linked members

Joining AITD as a Corporate member demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to workplace learning and development.

About AITD Corporate Membership

If your organisation has at least five people working in training, learning and development, organisational development or talent management roles, then AITD corporate membership is a great way to support your employees as well as provide your company with access to AITD information, products and services.

AITD corporate membership will help your company to:

  1. Demonstrate commitment to excellence and innovation in training, learning and development and organisational development
  2. Ensure your training, learning and development staff are kept up to date with industry trends and knowledge
  3. Attract and retain talented employees by recognising and supporting their professional development

While AITD membership is linked to individuals within your organisation, the corporate membership remains with the company and can be transferred to other staff should current members leave the organisation. Each AITD member within your company will have full access to AITD member benefits.

Corporate Membership Structure

AITD corporate membership is structured according to tiers, based on how many linked members join AITD. The higher the tier, the more cost effective it is for your organisation and the greater the benefits members receive.

The minimum number of members required to join and retain corporate membership is five for a Bronze corporate membership. There is no limit to the maximum number of members.

Corporate Membership Costs

The more members that join, the cheaper the per member cost per annum. Often it is more cost effective to join on a higher tier, especially if you have a large training, learning and development team whom will benefit from AITD membership.

The Corporate Establishment fee is a one-off payment to set up your corporate membership. This fee is waived if 10 or more members join at Silver level or higher.

The costs of corporate membership, current at 2019 are:

Fee Bronze
5-9 members
10-14 members
15-19 members
20+ members
Annual fee (per member) $250 $235 $225 $215
Individual joining fee $35 $35 $35 $35
Corporate establishment fee $200 Waived Waived Waived

Please note, members do not to need to be co-located in the same office. Rather, they need to have the same employer and join as a corporate group.

Corporate Membership Benefits

In addition to the AITD member benefits all members receive, corporate members have access to exclusive corporate benefits determined by their membership tier.

Benefit Bronze
5-9 members
10-14 members
15-19 members
20+ members
Dedicated AITD corporate group liaison
Use of special corporate member logo detailing level of membership
AITD web listing
Member discounts for AITD course registrations
Company profile in Training and Development magazine
Once only
Voucher for one free registration to an AITD course
Per corporate anniversary year

Current AITD Corporate Members

  1. AbbVie Pty Ltd
  2. Academy Global
  3. ANSTO
  4. Australian Federal Police
  5. Australian Red Cross
  6. Beyond Bank Australia
  7. Blanchard International
  8. BT Financial Group and Westpac
  9. Cancer Institute NSW
  10. Coca-Cola Amatil
  11. CPM Australia
  12. Crown College - Crown Melbourne Ltd
  13. Cubic Transportation Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd
  14. Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
  15. Department Of Agriculture
  16. Department Of Defence
  17. Department of Employment
  18. Department of Immigration and Border Protection
  19. Department Of Infrastructure & Regional Development
  20. Department Of Justice
  21. Easy Authoring
  22. Flexigroup
  23. Gallagher Bassett
  24. Greenstone Financial Services
  25. IP Australia
  26. Learning Plan
  27. Link Group
  28. Lumo Energy
  29. Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board
  30. National Broadband Network
  31. Neami National
  32. NSW Police Academy
  33. Numensa Pty Ltd
  34. O'Brien
  35. QBE Insurance
  36. Queensland Building Construction Commission
  37. Recoveries Corp
  38. Sewells Australia Pty Ltd
  39. SingTel Optus
  40. Smart Service Queensland
  41. St John of God Healthcare
  42. Suncorp Learning
  43. TAFE Queensland - Product
  44. Toyota Financial Services
  45. UniSuper
  46. Xapiapps
  47. Join as a corporate member

    To join as a corporate member please email member services or call us on (02) 9211 9414.

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