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All we know about the future is that it will be different.

Created by Ali Uren in 2008, Kiikstart specialises in business planning and workforce development for the corporate, government, tertiary and tourism and hospitality industries.

The key purpose of our learning and development is to build stronger businesses that are better positioned to meet the changing needs of the guests and future markets. In turn this results in better bottom lines with more engaged, connected teams.

Ali Uren works with clients to build the team talent and operational approaches required to design and deliver entrepreneurial and innovative spaces that respond to future threats and as a result find new opportunities. Kiikstart works with clients to develop real talent within problem solving, creativity and critical thinking but with a future filter over the top.

Our clients regardless of size, aim to be the pace setters and influencers in their industries and keep ahead of the game. They range from international FMCG brands, emerging Entrepreneurs, global wine brands, state government through to iconic outback hotels. Our clients are committed to challenging the “way it has always been done” and are willing to try new ideas to open up new market opportunities and build the bottom line – while ensuring the well-being of their teams.

Ali Uren specialises in skills beyond 2022 and works with clients to ensure they can develop a strategic approach to ongoing learning and development that can respond to rapid change and on-going disruption.

Kiikstart is a freelance Entrepreneur for industry and has been invited to undertake ongoing projects with ECIC (Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre) at Adelaide University.

Ali Uren has played a key role in mentoring and developing international and Australian teams to success as part of ECIC’s – Adelaide University E-Challenge program with a focus on wool innovation and agribusiness. This has taken Ali Uren to both Deakin University and Charles Sturt University as part of the E-Challenge program. A key part of this facilitation is ensuring all teams have the resources, knowledge and ability to create ideas and develop these so they can be taken to market.

Key areas of current workplace learning and development include:

  • Creativity and Entrepreneurial thinking – Implementing innovation into all roles and aspects of the organisation’s cultural DNA.
  • Building an innovative model of client servicing that adds more value, improved bottom lines and increased relevance.
  • Designing an organisation and brand that will be positioned to attract the best talent in the future – what works now will need to evolve.
  • Forward thinking and adopting a future growth mindset across the entire organisation– not just within leadership roles.
  • Understanding how to create and measure workplace cultures based on creativity, originality and initiative.
  • Digital disruption and the threats, but also opportunities this can bring to business. Creating a workforce plan that can successfully respond to a rapidly changing and uncertain world.
  • Developing a workplace that builds critical thinking and complex problem solving amongst all areas of the business.
  • Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, International

    Agriculture, Arts and Recreation Services, Consumer Goods, Education and Training, Financial Services, Government, Health Care and Social Services, Hospitality, Other, Professional Services

    Career Planning, Change Management, Coaching and Mentoring, Communication, Corporate, Customer Service, Instructional Design, Leadership, Management, Organisational Development, Project Management, Training Needs Analysis, Training Techniques

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