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Caryn Walsh

Pure Magic International Business Solutions Pty Ltd


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Caryn Walsh

Pure Magic International Business Solutions Pty Ltd


0414 37 5526

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Having taught at two psychology Universities and run my own practice, I enjoyed a parallel career consulting to organisations internationally in areas of leadership and team development. I have trained tens of thousands of people and worked with countless organisations within Australia and internationally, with a keen focus on leadership and people development. I am at the helm of Pure Magic International Business Solutions, an international leadership and people development organisation that works throughout Australia and in the South Pacific Region. We are well known internationally for the work we do in the areas of Leadership and People development and in particular, helping grow people and transform organisations. I am skilled across a wide range of areas, including Organisational Development, Leadership, Organisational resilience and sustainability, Empowerment, People development, Communicating with confidence, Conflict resolution, Emotional intelligence and Coaching and Mentoring, to name a few. The unique aspects I bring are passion, a broad range of knowledge and a magical mix of psychology and organisational and people development. I work across all sectors - corporate, government, education, community and Coach CEO's, government officials and high ranking business leaders. I have various qualifications, including a Bachelor of Communications, a Bachelor of Psychology, a Masters in Counselling and a host of accreditations, such as the MBTI Personality Type Profile, TMI and OPQ, to name a few. I speak at International Conferences and Forums Regularly.

Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, International

Arts and Recreation Services, Education and Training, Government, Health Care and Social Services, Other, Professional Services

Change Management, Coaching and Mentoring, Communication, Corporate, Instructional Design, Leadership, Learning Styles, Management, Organisational Development, Project Management, Training Evaluation, Training Qualifications, Training Techniques, Vocational Education and Training

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