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Cindy Donald

Local Government Managers Australia (Queensland)


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Cindy Donald

Local Government Managers Australia (Queensland)



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I believe that everyone is capable of being an effective leader, and all they need is someone to help them unlock their potential; so I develop programmes which focus on leadership, management and overall capability. I design and deliver a diverse professional development suite of programmes as a coach and facilitator. I assist with the coordination and delivery of programmes including developing detailed programme proposals, programme design, and budget management. I monitor and regularly evaluate training quality and effectiveness, by reviewing and modifying training objectives, methods and course deliverables. I also build and maintain relationships by tailoring the approach and information to meet individual needs.


Education and Training, Government, Hospitality, Professional Services

Coaching and Mentoring, Communication, Instructional Design, Leadership, Learning Styles, Management, Organisational Development, Registered Training Organisation, Vocational Education and Training

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