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Elizabeth Kirk PhD

Practical Ergonomics


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Elizabeth Kirk PhD

Practical Ergonomics


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Office ergonomics training and one-off workstation assessments are now increasingly irrelevant to your business and your people. Because your people no longer work at one desk with one computer. They hot seat with iPads, have home offices and use laptops in coffee shops, (not to mention home gaming systems!). You have now lost control of their work environment, but you still hold that duty of care. Already high rates of soft tissue injuries are now compounded by growing health issues associated with sedentary work. To protect your business and your people, you must provide the Next Generation of work skills. Training that ensures your people can apply the latest injury protection skills no matter what screen they use or where they work. And that is what my Practical Ergonomics training provides. Grounded in PhD research and informed by industry, this training provides the new multidisciplinary work skills that transfer to any work environment. To find out how these easy to implement programs can reduce employee discomfort and WorkCover costs, and increase productivity, call me on 0408 751 379 or email Web: Facebook: @practicalergonomics Twitter:@PracErgo LinkedIn:


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