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Matthew Church

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Matthew Church

The Coaching Institute

03 9608 7900

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Matthew is the Senior Program Director at The Coaching Institute. As a professional consultant and mentor, his passion is business and leadership. Matthew has also served as a Senior Mentor at TCI, for students looking for strategic and tactical support to grow their coaching practice. He is a professional speaker and trainer, and regularly trains businesses in sales, marketing, and business strategy. Matthew is a passionate advocate of lifelong learning, and studies law at Monash University, complementing his background in criminology and criminal science. He is an avid writer and researcher, and specialises in feminist and gendered criminology. He regularly consults for international research organisations and not-for-profits on scaling and broadcasting their message.

Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, International

Administrative and Support Services, Education and Training, Professional Services

Coaching and Mentoring, Corporate, Leadership, Management

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