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Merinda Smith

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Merinda Smith

RTO Mentor


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A vocational training and RTO professional, auditor, and training facilitator with more than 25+ years’ experience. Merinda has managed large and small training businesses throughout Australia and recognised as a highly skilled RTO compliance consultant, facilitator and speaker in training and management. Projects involve mentoring people to understand the RTO Standards, breaking down complex issues and simplifying them for specific business needs. This has been done whilst working with large RTOs, government bodies and small RTOs. Merinda is passionate about the vocational education and training (VET) sector and the benefits it brings to all communities and individuals. She has written and delivered training workshops to all levels of stakeholders, government, CEOs, front line staff and school students. Merinda has spoken at schools to encourage people to enter into the vocational education and training (VET) sector, and continues to advocate for the industry. Merinda is capable of writing specialist programs, training delivery materials, developing assessment tools and strategies to support any training business.

Western Australia

Education and Training

Coaching and Mentoring, Communication, Compliance, Leadership, Learning Styles, Training Needs Analysis, Training Qualifications

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