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Peter Hanami MEd FAITD

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Peter Hanami MEd FAITD

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I have a passion to make a positive difference for others. “(Peter) Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving up your time to mentor participants at the Monash Global Legal Hackathon 2019 event“ Professor Marilyn Pittard, Monash Law My experience includes leading managing digital eLearning, converting courses for online delivery, training academics in technology, embedding curriculum's with future work skills, undertaking qualitative research & collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders to design, create and implement a variety of new digital learning solutions across different platforms with a customer-centric focus. I am looking for new opportunities to develop micro-credential skills, email me if you want to chat! I have the ability to see the spark of potential and to inspire others to see it, too. I guide people toward an invisible horizon with a generosity of spirit and strength of conviction. Entrepreneurial, high energy, develop and implement new concepts, assertive, persuasive and engaging. Western Bulldogs fan. Brands I have worked with: * FutureLearn * Temple University Japan * University of Melbourne * Deakin University * RMIT University Fellow at the Australian Institute of Training & Development (FAITD). My publications include qualitative research studies into Buyer Behaviour, Alumni Management, International Student Success and case studies for "Marketing in Australia" by Professor Philip Kotler.


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