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Philippa Cameron

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Philippa Cameron

0405 221 209

0405 221 209

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I love facilitating and watching people learn and enjoy learning. My main area of expertise is manners and etiquette having presented in a number of schools and worked with the Newcastle Knights and the Rabbitohs first division teams. I have also completed The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace which I believe is a wonderful tool for creating appreciation in the workplace where 71% cite lack of appreciation as the main reason they leave a job. Recent experience is working in aged care and a small business however, I am keen to get back into training. I have the ability to relate well to all ages and levels of learning. I am dependable, reliable and committed to do and be the best I can and to bring out the best in the people I am training/facilitating. Being a mature aged woman, I can deliver with confidence, guidance and caring that the people that I am training/facilitating can learn in a safe environment which will enable them to be open to learning and enjoying a positive experience to take on board what is being presented.

New South Wales

Education and Training, Information

Coaching and Mentoring, Customer Service

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