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Susan Leslie

Endstate Pty Ltd


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Susan Leslie

Endstate Pty Ltd

0417 268 358

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I am Endstate's communications specialist, who develops and manages Endstate's human resource, training and marketing support services. I also produce Endstate’s workplace documentation templates, policies and procedures, training and marketing resources. I have over twenty five years’ experience in communication management, and vocational and higher education across a diverse range of private and public organisations. My vocational training and delivery experience includes courses/workshops in effective communication skills; creating documents to workplace requirements; team building and conflict management. I have mentored senior managers in public and private sectors to produce and/or refine their own workplace documents and templates. I created a generic competency skills framework for project managers that forms the basis for Endstate’s training and mentoring program and career development strategy. It also captures Endstate’s organisational capability and charge rate for contractors. Currently I am researching adapting the VET competency assessment model to the NSW Government’s Procurement reforms. We hope to launch our adapted model early in 2016 with a hypothetical scenario to explore the issues in procurement.

New South Wales

Education and Training, Government, Professional Services

Communication, Corporate, Language, Management, Training Evaluation, Training Needs Analysis, Training Techniques, Vocational Education and Training

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